Top 10 Tips To Keep Storage Cost Down

Top 10 Tips to Keep Storage Costs Down

So you need some extra space and have decided to get a nearby self storage. That’s a great idea, but let’s look at some ways you can keep your storage costs down before you rent the unit. We’re providing a few of our top tips for you, apply these and give us a call to Get Space and Save Money at the same time.

1. Do I Need It?

The best way to reduce costs fast is to reduce the size of your storage space. This will take some reflection about your items. We suggest that you really think about anything you plan to store and ask yourself, Do I really need this? If yes, then keep it in storage. If the no, then you may want to dispose of it, here’s a few suggestions:

  • Sell the Item.
  • Give it Away to Family or Friends.
  • Donate it to Charity.
  • Discard to the Garbage.

2. Sell It

Now that you’ve sorted through everything, you can also make some extra money by selling the items that you don’t need and have value. By selling the items, not only will you reduce the stuff you have to store and save on cost, but you will also have money to pay towards your storage unit.

3. Buy Less Stuff

Ask yourself and think if you really need something before you buy it. Think of the money you could save if you stopped giving in to the need for material things and buying so much. You could plan a trip, invest, and of course spend less on storage space.

4. Don’t Store Technology

One of the most wasteful items to put in storage, especially any long term storage is technology and electronics. These items become outdated and lose their value and usefulness really fast. When this happens they become hard to sell but are naturally replaced by the owner. Our recommendation is to sell or donate them rather than store them.

5. Store Smart

We’ve all played Tetris before, packing and loading a storage unit is a lot like the game. We find a lot of people don’t take the time to use their storage space wisely. We are big advocates of storing smartly. Pay attention to how things are loaded, place heavy and bulk items in first, this lets you stack lighter and fragile items above to make use of the vertical space. Use bins, boxes or shelves and fill in gaps with smaller items. One of the best ways to take advantage of space is stacking upwards. Having a good plan will save you space and money.

6. Compact Storage

If you are storing for long term storage and also have items you need to access regularly, we suggest renting separate storage units, one for long term storage and a smaller unit for regular access. This gives you with two great benefits: First, you can access the stuff you need easily. Second, the larger storage unit can be packed tightly and efficiently because you won’t need to go into the unit as much. We find this to be much more affordable, because you will be optimizing space in both units. If you need help to choose the right unit size just give us a call.

7. How & Why Are You Storing

This is an important question to consider.If you’re a student and will place all of your furniture for your apartment in storage for the summer, you can rent a smaller unit and pack it full since you won’t need to access it until you move out. If, you need to access your stuff regularly with longer-term self storage, you will want a larger unit so you can have a path. If you have larger bulk pieces, you can save more by using bulk storage rather than a storage unit.

8. Find Alternative Storage

Think about finding a free storage option. If you need storage until you move, or have a few pieces of furniture that might fit with friends or family this could save you money. You could also use our Bulk Storage which is more cost effective than a unit. However, if money is an issue, this might be a better option than paying for a storage unit.

9. Get Organized for Storage at Home

Sometimes, you actually have the space you need already right there at home. Take a look to see if you are storing things efficiently. Look into solutions like storage bins, shelving and other organization options for your home.   Just like our Store Smart suggestion in #5, we recommend the same for your home to clear up space.

10. Value vs Storage Fees

Try to figure out if the stuff you are going to store is worth the investment. If you can add up the value of the items and it is low compared to what you’ll pay for the storage space, get rid of the items. Although it might seem like a waste, remember you can try to sell it before deciding to send it off to the local garbage. You can then make money off the items, instead of paying money to store them.

The key is to determine what makes the most sense. Don’t purge for the sake of purging. If it has value, keep it; if it doesn’t, toss or sell it. Consider how much it will cost to replace the item as well. Chances are that you won’t be in love with old or outdated items and will end up replacing it anyway!

Bonus Tip: Shop Around

Here’s a bonus tip for you. Shop around for the best value self storage before you get a unit. Check with the Dubai Self Storage providers to see if they have any deals, discounts or promotions. Consider the storage facility and it’s features also, not all facilities are the same and you will want a reputable storage company that is clean, professional with bright lighting, security, CCTV, pest control and parking. Being in Dubai, having a storage unit with climate control will be absolutely essential. Keep in mind, that the cheapest unit is not always the best deal. Consider all the facility features and make an informed decision that will offer the best value.

Applying these tips will help you reduce your self storage cost and get the space you need. If you have questions or need expert advise, give the Right Space Team a call or contact us and we’ll answer any questions.

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