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Self Storage & Storage Lockers

We have a storage solution and unit size for all of your storage needs!.

Our storage facility has you covered for any storage need, type or size. We have everything from lockers to large 200 sqft storage units and everything in between. We also have scalable solutions and bulk storage space all under one roof; and in a facility that is safe, secure, modern, clean, dust and pest free, climate controlled, bright LED lighting and lots of parking space.

Imagine having the extra space you need. We can help, contact us and get your storage space today!

Storage by Need

  • Personal Storage.

  • Student Storage.

  • Home Renovations.

  • Relocation & Moving.

  • Sports Equipment.

  • Seasonal Items.

  • New Family Members.

  • Just Need Space.

Storage Types

  • Dedicated Storage Unit.

  • Storage Locker.

  • Custom Storage Solution.

  • Box or Item Storage.

  • Short Term Storage.

  • Long Term Storage.

  • Flexible Contracts.

  • Bulk Space.

Storage Sizes

  • Storage Lockers.

  • 25 sqft Storage Units.

  • 50 sqft Storage Units.

  • 75 sqft Storage Units.

  • 100 sqft Storage Units.

  • 150 sqft Storage Units.

  • 200 sqft Storage Units.

  • Bulk Storage Space.

Get the Space You Need!

Get the Right Space at the Right Price.

We have lockers and units ranging from 25 sqft to 200 sqft. Contact us or check Unit Sizes.

  • Friendly & Helpful

  • Located Nearby

  • Modern & Clean

  • Safe & Secure

  • Climate Controlled


Our self storage team in Dubai is flexible, solution oriented, customer focused and dedicated to your happiness.

We understand everyone has different needs when it comes to storing their valued possessions, whether it’s your prized collection, must have camping and sports equipment or irreplaceable family items we have you covered. With our storage facility and helpful team, we’ll get you the right size storage unit or scalable solution so you don’t pay for any more space than you need. We know life changes and we’re flexible on the term, changing unit sizes and just about anything else we can do to make your experience fast, easy and friendly.

Come experience the Right Space difference.

I’m Sold, Get me a Unit!

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