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Self storage

Whether you’re a student, relocating, downsizing or storing a collection, or just want more space in your home. We have the space for you. Our units are scalable in size, climate controlled and secured. Our facilities are staffed with managers, stocked with supplies and we offer a wide variety of additional services to help you.

Just a box

Pay for what you need, nothing more! We will store by the box, pallet, single piece of furniture, we’re flexible so let us know your needs.  Don’t forget to pack your materials securely, we offer boxes, packing materials to secure your items and labels.


Give yourself peace and an easy night sleep. We facilitate insurance policies to the value of your contents stored. A little extra protection is always a good thing.

Box shop

We have it all! Boxes, Locks, Bubble Wrap, Paper, Foam, Box Cutters, Tape, Labels, Cord/Rope and so much more. All of our products are in a variety of sizes with an assortment of options to fit your preference.

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