Foam Wrap by the Meter

10.00 AED

This is our go to item as the first layer of protection when packing and moving home furnishings, pictures and mirrors. You’ll love the cushion and protection it provides and can easily be covered with an outer layer of corrugated cardboard for added cushion and resistance.

  1. Manufactured locally in Dubai, UAE
  2. Lint & Dust Free
  3. Non-Abrasive
  4. Perfect for shiny and polished surfaces
  5. Great for Electronics


Foam offers excellent cushioning and protections of your goods during moving and storage. It’s lint free, dust free and non-abrasive. Perfect for wrapping polished and shiny items like metal, glass, marble or polished wood and is a great protector against surface rubbing, scuffing and scratches. Foam is also better suited for electronics as it generates less static electricity.

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1.5m (W) x 1m (L)


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