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Packing & Moving Terms and Conditions

For Right Space Self Storage LLC

This Packing & Moving Agreement (“Agreement”) is made this on the Agreement Date (Effective Date”) by and between Right Space Self Storage LLC, a company incorporated under the laws of the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with License No. 809085 operating through its registered address at Warehouse 1, 18th Street, Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (“Right Space” or “Company”) and the individual/partnership/company/organization/entity whose particulars are set forth in the signature page of the Agreement (“Customer”) for the purpose of packing and or moving items, goods and personal belongings (“Goods”) operated by Right Space and or its Contractors upon payment of the service fee set out below (“Payment”) and upon full agreement to the Terms and Conditions set out below (“Terms & Conditions”).


This Agreement after having been signed by the Customer will take effect as a binding contract only upon formal acceptance and signing of the same by Right Space. However, Right Space’s acceptance of this Agreement is limited only to the services expressly specified in this Agreement and governed only by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


When scheduling a service, Right Space will be booking a date and time. We will use all reasonable efforts to make sure we are there within that timeframe. If we are running early or late, we will call you as soon as possible to let you know. In the event, despite our efforts, we arrive later than the scheduled time, there are no corresponding discounts given.


The Customer agrees that any cancellation of services and agreement by the Customer prior to performance of the service is subject to 72 hours’ notice in writing and will result in a service cancellation fee of AED 500.00 with any balance of payment refunded to Customer, any cancellation without notice or with less than 72 hours’ notice is subject to a fee the full amount of the agreement or pre-payment amount, whichever is less. The Customer agrees that any change or rescheduling of the service date by the Customer is subject to 72 hours’ notice in writing and will result in a rescheduling fee of AED 250.00 and any rescheduling without notice or with less than 72 hours’ notice is subject to a fee of AED 500.00.


Right Space will begin provisions of the specific service as set out in this Agreement upon receipt of the Payment and or a security deposit equal one half of the service fee. The security deposit is either refunded at the time of Payment or applied to any further payments due for unpaid services that have been provided by Right Space and/or unpaid charges, additional charges and penalties due to Right Space arising out of this Agreement.


Right Space charges a flat rate listed in the quotation and this agreement based on a home survey and or the exact items listed by the Customer and only for the service specified in the quotation or agreement, being location of collection and location of delivery, address, dwelling type, size, service and these terms and conditions. This flat rate is based on the truck, equipment, personnel, hours, materials and equipment required. There may be extra charges outside of the agreement and or quotation amount if Customer has packers or movers conduct services outside of the quotation and agreement such as not attending or being available for scheduled service, non-availability of parking for Right Space, disconnection or reconnection of appliances, fixtures, fittings or utility lines (water, gas, electric) dismantling or assembly  of furniture, unpacking, non-defrosted freezers or refrigerators or if Right Space is not provided adequate lighting for safely conducting services, if the contents noting during location inspection changes and increases, inadequate access to freely perform service without delay, alteration to location or mechanical equipment, collection or drop off from more than one location, as well as any fee’s that are paid by Right Space on Customers behalf in order to perform the service such as access, parking, or location specific requirements of security or associations. If Right Space is unable to perform the services due to impossibility or it being impactable, due to circumstances outside of their control, such as the inability to fit an item through a doorway, down a corridor, in a lift, stairway or having to use a stairway in a building or an item is to heavy or large to move, then you may still be charged the cost listed in the Agreement and or additional charges for increased scope of work.


Payment may take the form of an upfront lump sum for the entire service provided or fifty percent advance payment with the balance due the same day at the end of services as detailed within this Agreement, any balance of payment and or payment for additional services is due the same day at the end of the service. Payment can be made either by cash or debit/credit card at the time of commencement of this Agreement. Payment by debit card or credit card is subject to a service charge of 3% of the total amount. A penalty of AED 100 is applicable to any returned cheque or declined credit card payment, exclusive of any bank charges.  Failure to make payment or balance payment for services rendered and or additional services agreed upon and rendered shall be subject to an AED 25 per day late fee until the balance and all late fees are paid.  Failure to provide payment may result in any legal action deemed necessary to recover any outstanding obligation by the Customer. Right Space will have no obligation whatsoever to disclose information concerning the action taken, if any, and may still take the necessary legal measures to obtain full Payment for unpaid services provided to the Customer.


The Customer agrees that Right Space will not pack or move any food or perishable goods, flammable materials, explosives or hazardous material, noxious or filthy materials, compostable materials, contraband or unlawful materials  attached to this Agreement and by signing this Agreement, the Customer agrees not to pack, or have Right Space pack or move any items that would result in the violation of any law and in this regard, the Customer acknowledges that all laws of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, including Acts, and Subsidiary Legislation, Rules and Regulations, By-Laws, Orders and Ordinances of all governmental authorities (“THE LAWS”), are or may be applicable to the packing and moving service. Costs to dispose of such substances by lawful compliance shall be borne by the Customer.


The Customer agrees that additional services are defined as any service not specifically referenced within the Packing & Moving Agreement and or that are out of scope as defined elsewhere in this Agreement. Additional services are subject to additional charges and are subject to agreement by Customer and Right Space prior to performance of said services. Additional services may also be subject to additional or rescheduling for completion the next day or date that service team is available.

The Customer agrees that unless included in the Agreement, the following is considered additional scope or services and is not included in this agreement, and subject to additional charges if service is rendered for it: Packing and moving of additional items, rooms or properties not included in this agreement or inspected during a site survey, detailed unpacking and/or placement of items beyond unpacking on level surface only, any handyman services such as hanging of TV, pictures, mirrors, curtains, blinds, removal or placement of light fixtures, light bulbs, other fixtures or items, assembly of new or existing furniture or other items that was not disassembled by Company, cleaning services, disposal services or removal of trash or unwanted items, moving of large potted plants, tree’s or any items requiring a crane truck or forklift and any other items as mentioned elsewhere in these terms and conditions.

The Customer agrees that any of the following will create additional scope for Right Space and is subject to additional charges which are payable by the Customer. Denial by security to Right Space access to the Customers Move From or Move To location creating a rescheduling of service or delay in starting or continuing the service, or restriction of access while Company has a loaded truck, and access cannot be arranged and denial corrected by Customer, with or without Right Space assistance, then Right Space will unload the Customers goods back at the Move From location, place in storage or leave in the moving truck at the Storage Facility as directed by the Customer, it is understood that this constitutes additional and out of scope work that is subject to additional charges and payable by the Customer, any boxes and packing material retained by the Customer, and other items as mentioned elsewhere in this Agreement and specifically under Miscellaneous and Customer Responsibility are also subject to additional charges payable by the Customer.


Many Customers ask if the packers and movers can receive a tip. It is the position of Right Space that if you as a Customer believe the Right Space team did a good job, any tips you offer to the team will be appreciated and not against Right Space policy. However, there is no obligation nor expectation for Customers to provide tips and in all cases, Customers should not be approached or asked for tips.

Right Space though it’s service is accommodates special requests and preferences of Customers. Customer understands and agrees however that this is limited to preferences and requests that do not create additional scope, time, trips or create other costs to Right Space. For avoidance of doubt a special request or preference would be requesting Right Space to move an item, like a refrigerator last or packing something separately; it would not include assembling newly ordered/delivered furniture, hanging pictures or curtains unless included within the scope.  Right Space maintains the right to refuse to complete any service or work in whole or in part, that Right Space deems to be dangerous, poses as health and safety concern or where an item is inherently fragile and or an irreplaceable item. Refusal by Right Space is at its sole discretion and not subject to any refund, return or liability.

The Customer agrees regarding the connection of appliances at new location, if the existing connection and or electrical components do not support the appliance of the Customer it will be placed in the location unconnected unless Customer desires for Right Space to obtain the parts and complete the connection, which is subject to additional charges and out of scope. Customer agrees that the non-return of boxes and packing materials is subject to additional fee’s and or requesting boxes to be collected later will result in collection fees as Right Space does remove all used and unused packing materials and boxes at the end of the service at the same time.


The Customer is responsible for and agrees to the following responsibilities. Customer is responsible for having building, security or owner’s association move out and move in authorization and access in place prior to date of service and the arrival of Right Space. In the event access is not in place at arrival, rescheduled services will be subject to additional charges. Customers are responsible for defrosting any and all freezers and refrigerators prior to service. Customer and not Right Space is responsible for any clean up, trash, dirtied floors, and or location specific corrections to location after the service is performed. Security or access issues are the responsibility of Customer to coordinate and correct.

Customer agrees to relocate personal vehicles as necessary for team to have access and to ensure small children and or pets are not in the areas of work, to prevent delay in service, potential injury, getting outside and or any other adverse consequences of their presence during the performance of service. The Customer is to be at property for services and direction of placement at new location. In the absence of the Customer, Right Space will conduct the service as per the direction of the Customer Representative, which shall be as if it was given by the Customer and not subject to any re-work by Right Space. The Customer understands and agrees that any deviation or failure to adhere to these responsibilities will result in additional charges for any out of scope work, delay in providing the service and or additional days, trips, labor or rescheduled service dates.