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Local Green Self Storage

Self Storage that Makes a Difference, in Dubai & Beyond

We are leading Self Storage in Dubai for a positive green impact. We believe in change and do our part to reduce impacts in the community. We believe in leading by example and are committed to embracing every green opportunity and actively working towards implementing new ones. Right Space Self Storage is committed to reducing, reusing and recycling in all areas of our business.

Energy Efficient Storage

Here are some of the ways Right Space has taken measures to control the direct impact on energy efficiency and reduction of our footprint, right here in Dubai.

LED Lighting

We have upgraded the entire lighting system of our storage facility to LED. Benefits go beyond well lit units and reduce energy consumption too.

Energy Efficient Climate Control

Our climate control is energy efficient to reduce consumption and our overall environmental footprint.

Weather Proofing

Dubai’s heat can be intense, insulation in our storage facility not only keeps your items protected but reduces energy consumption.

Right Space Online

How did Right Space implement green online? Well aside from our color, we carefully selected webhosting that’s a green one. With a reduced carbon footprint though server virtualization, overhead and they plant trees too.

Green Storage Facility Dubai

When we started constructing our storage facility, we considered many things. One of them was how to offer self storage at a high standard but a low environmental impact on the local community. Here’s a few of the things we have done to accomplish this.

Upcycled Warehouse

We used an existing Al Quoz warehouse and made upgrades to bring Right Space Self Storage to Dubai.

Reduce & Reuse

We have incorporated reduction of waste and re-use into our daily business activities, keeping our footprint minimal.

Green Building Materials

During construction, upgrades and customization we choose materials that have a positive green impact.

Energy Escape

We have implemented UV/UB protection, sealants and other features to reduce the impact from energy escape.

We’re More than Green – We’re Local

Right Space is proudly a local Dubai business, so we do all we can to support other local businesses. It has a positive impact on the economy, the environment and people’s lives. That’s something that makes us smile.

Reduced Environmental Impact

By purchasing locally and using local manufacturers, we help to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Locally Sourced & Manufactured Goods

We believe in promoting and supporting local entrepreneurship, the Dubai economy and creating local jobs.

We support local and small business’s

We buy locally right here in Dubai and the other Emirates of UAE. Buying local creates connections, and we’re all about happiness.

Recycling Program

We do all possible to reduce and reuse in daily operations, we recycle as the last step in our commitment to a better local community.

Al Quoz Collection Point

Have boxes to discard after using self storage or moving? Great, you can bring your boxes or other packing material to us.

What we Recycle

We actively collect and recycle all packing and moving materials including: boxes, packing paper, corrugated cardboard and all bubble, foam and plastic wraps.

Starting Right

We do more than recycle, we start right by buying high quality recycled or recyclable products.

Packing & Moving Materials

As part of our recycling program, we offer free material removal from all of our moving jobs. Not only do customers benefit from a clean house but we sort everything for recycling.