Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized from the Start

Sometimes people and business’s deal with clutter, whether it’s on a desk, garage or in a closet. Unfortunately, many people move their clutter into a self storage unit only to let everything become an unorganized mess over time. If you don’t want to deal with clutter in your unit, Right Space Self Storage has a few home and business storage tips for you.

Start with a Plan

Moving belongings into storage without a plan is a good way to forget where you’ve put them. Label boxes and create a list of the items in the unit, then hang it near the door. Group similar items, and leave enough room in the middle so that you can easily grab what you need without having to step over things.

Break Down the Big Stuff

Break down bigger items such as tables, chairs, and bedding. Once you’ve disassembled everything, move it all to the back of your storage unit. Always place larger items against the wall and out of your way. You can also use shelving to maximize vertical space. If you don’t break down the tables, use them as extra storage space by placing smaller items underneath and on top in an organized fashion.

Label It Like You Mean It

It’s easy to lose track of what’s in a box if you don’t label it. Make a habit of labelling every box and container in large print. The larger the print, the easier it will be to read if the box is located higher on a shelf. If you label correctly, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for just by taking a quick glance.

Organized Packing & Moving

Keeping things organized in your storage unit helps a lot when it’s time to find what you need later. If you’re dealing with clutter at home or at your business, Right Space Self Storage can help. We have storage units available in different sizes. Don’t feel like hauling things in your car or dealing with the stress of movers? We’re a one stop shop and can do your packing and moving also, contact us for a quote.

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