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Questions & Answers

Do you have questions about packing and moving your home in Dubai, or any other Emirate? Questions about self storage for some more space, or business storage?

Then you’re on the right page, we’ve got answers to these common questions and more. Just in case you don’t find what you’re looking for; then drop us an email, give us a call or come see us at our Al Quoz location.

Self storage at Right Space is a modern, clean and secure facility where individuals and businesses can rent a space to their storage needs and store their items short term or long term. And Right Space is a great choice, we’re all about customer experience and have 5 star rating and great reviews from customers.

If you are short on space and need a little more, then a storage locker or unit may be the solution. Self storage is a great way to free up space for all types of reasons. We’ve listed a few to help you out, but it’s really up to you: relocation, renovation, downsizing, travel, temporary reassignment, students, sports equipment, collections, SME’s, entrepreneurs, excess stock, equipment, seasonal items and more. The uses are limited only by your imagination. We could all use a little extra space, and we have plenty of it for you.

The size of the space you’ll need depends on what items you’d like to store. We offer units that range from a small locker up to ones that can hold the contents of a large house, and everything in between, plus our units are scalable in size. User our handy storage size guide, or call and speak to one of our friendly and helpful team who can guide you through this process.

Easy! Just book a unit here, contact us for a quote or come see us in person and we’ll get you sorted so you can start storing today.

Storage lockers are perfect for smaller items like sets of luggage or sports equipment, car seats etc or about 10 boxes with some extra space. For a bit more info check our units or the gallery.

Great question, while we would love to give you an exact number it depends on a number of factors like unit size, length of time and of course if you can use one of our promotions. We encourage you to complete a reservation or contact us and we will get you an exact cost and see about applying one of our specials to save you some money.

With a variety of sizes available, and scalable solutions we are sure to have a unit size that fits your needs. We have storage lockers and for larger space we have units ranging from 25 sqft to 200 sqft. Visit out unit sizes to learn more about the space. Or, call our professionals to help you decide what storage unit size will suit you best.

We don’t require you to have a reservation, but we do recommend it, just to make sure you have a unit available and ready for you! You can easily reserve a unit for up to 10 days, it’s a no cost obligation. Units can be reserved right here, or by calling our friendly team.

From small to large, we have a self storage unit to fit your needs. Our sizes are Lockers, 10 sqft, 25 sqft, 50 sqft, 75 sqft, 100 sqft, 150 sqft, 200 sqft and that’s not all; our units are scalable in size and we offer open space for bulk storage as well.  Check out the size guide or give us a call to determine the right space for you.

Of course, just stop by during business hours and our friendly staff will be happy to give you a tour and answer any storage question you have. If you can’t wait to see us or want something quick, check out our Gallery and Blog until you can stop by.

Glad you asked. Simply complete an online unit reservation, give us a call or come visit us and we’ll complete a few documents, walk you through the process and get you a unit within minutes. Contact us at 04 380 5655, hello@rightspaceme.com.

Not too long, it’s really just plugging in your personal details and the unit number you’ve selected. Most of the time we can have it completed before you arrive, just give us a call so we can collect a few pieces of information and we’ll get started.

Glad you asked. The terms and conditions for rental of a self storage unit, or storage space can be found right here.

We ask that you send us written notice, 30 days in advance of your move out. Once you have done this, please visit our location on your scheduled move out date, make sure your unit is completely empty, clean and your lock is removed. Once this is done, we’ll have a quick peek at the unit and then sign a move out document. Too easy.
We ask that you give us 30 days written notice prior to vacating your unit. Send us an email at hello@rightspaceme.com with your name and unit number.
Customers are required to provide a copy of their Emirates ID and or a Emirates Visa copy and passport copy. If you are a Dubai or UAE based business then you will also need to provide a copy of the commercial trade license.
Yes. We ask that you leave your room in the same condition as you were given it. Clean and clear of any items, with the padlock removed from the door latch.
Yes. Come visit us with your ID and we’ll get everything taken care of so you can move in the same time. We do suggest coming in at least an hour before our reception closes or call in advance, and we’ll hang around for you.
Yes. You need to sign the rental agreement before you can access the unit and most importantly, you will need to lock the unit to secure it once your items are moved in. Don’t worry about being bored if others are unloading, we have free WIFI and are great conversationalist.
Yes, we provide a moving service that includes loading and unloading. Let us know your requirements and we’ll be sure to take care of you.
You the customer can access your unit as well as anyone who you list on the agreement. For your security, no one else is allowed access to your unit. Customers maintain and hold the keys to their units. We do not hold keys or copies of keys. This way you keep total control over who has access to your storage unit.
Unless you are a master lock picker, just let our staff know and we can cut the pad lock for you. You will just need to sign a permission form for this and have another lock available all done.
Customers and the people they designate, and our staff have access. Potential customers are provided guided tours and third party vendors are supervised. Other than that it’s just the pizza guy, we like and order a lot of pizza!
We undertake regular site inspections, integrity checks of unit locks, internal and external lighting, alarm system, CCTV cameras are positioned throughout the facility along with a number passive and active security features and a number of sensors and a few more features, but those are top secret.
When you rent from Right Space, you can designate other people to have access on the storage agreement, in the absence of this information then access is restricted only to you. If you wish to update this later, you can simply send us an email form the email registered when you rented a unit, and let us know the details of the person you wish to grant access to.
While we love saying yes to customers, this ones is a No. As part of policy and security we do not hold keys for customers, this is to ensure unit integrity and security of customers items, where only you, the customer has access.
Charges are on a monthly basis unless there is a pre-arranged agreement for a different payment schedule. When you sign up for a unit you will pay a refundable deposit and the first month, then monthly thereafter.
You sure can! We welcome payments in advance, but here’s a tip, let our staff know before hand, they will likely give you a discount as a way to show appreciation.
Easy, just have the payment sent to us if you are out of town or drop by our Al Qouz location.
We accept the following forms of payment at our Al Quoz location: Check, Cash, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay or wire transfer. The choice is yours!
Payments are due on or before the anniversary date on your storage agreement of every month. If you agreement is 1st of the month then your rent is due on or before the 1st day or each month. Don’t worry though, we’ll send you reminders!
Firstly we don’t do hidden charges, that’s just not cool. Our quotations detail exactly what’s included for packing and moving services and for storage unit’s all is inclusive, there are no hidden fee’s or extra’s unless you opt to purchase something from our box shop. Keep in mind, you will need a padlock to secure your unit (you can bring your own or buy one from our shop). Regarding locks, we like happy customers and typically give those to customers free of charge just to keep the smiles flowing.
Yes, we can manage that. Once you have moved in and paid your first month, you can arrange for someone to pay on your behalf. Just make sure they have your unit and agreement number so we allocate it to your account.
Nope. Not now, not ever! Right Space is easy and big on customer experience, we don’t believe in these types of non-value added charges.
You are in luck! We have a whole page dedicated to our packing, moving and storage promotions. At times we have seasonal deals, so check back often or you may miss them. You can also follow us on social media to be among the first to know, and of course you should pass them along to share the savings.
Just click right here! Aside from our promotions page, the best way to stay updated is to follow us on social media where we post updates on promotions, discounts and special deals. We love Dubai and we love delighting customers with promotions!
Absolutely. We offer an exclusive discount to customers of Prestige Real Estate. Check out the details on the promotions page. If you don’t yet have and need a real estate company, give Prestige a call, they have a great team!
We sure do! Just one exam and you’re all set. Don’t worry, it’s an easy one. Check the Student Discounts page for details.
Of course! We love our Mum and appreciate all she does, so we offer all Mum’s an exclusive discount via Mums@Work. Just go to our Mums@Work Promotion for details.
Nope, we do one better! We offer a Price Match Plus. We value our customers so we match price plus give an additional discount, just one of the perks of Right Space Self Storage. Go to our Promotions for details or contact us at 04 380 5655.
Absolutely. Happy customers is what we’re all about. We have a Refer a Friend promotion. Check it out and let’s get both of you a deal!
There sure are! We have them listed on the Promotions Page of our site. Check back regularly as we also have seasonal deals too and of course you can follow us on social media to stay in the know.
Our facility has storage supplies of all types. From box sizes of small, medium and large. We also have a good stock of bubble wrap and tape to keep everything inside the box from shifting and shaking while you’re moving. Need a heavy duty lock for your unit? We have those too.
Yes, we offer packing and moving services. Contact us today for details and a quotation on these services.
Of course you can. We offer bulk storage space and scalable solutions. Give us a call or email us to discuss you needs and we’ll take care of you.
Sounds lonely but yes we do! We offer storage by the box, meaning you can store 1 box or 100 and only pay for the space you need and nothing more. Contact us to discuss your requirements today, 04 380 5655 or hello@rightspaceme.com.
We sure do! Whether it’s home renovations, seasonal items, getting your garage back, new family or roommates, downsizing, temporary move, hobbies, crafts, sports equipment, collections, your home is just filling up or any other need, Right Space is your one stop storage solution in Dubai, reserve a unit now!
Students are welcomed, and they get a student discount, Contact us at 04 380 5655 or go to student discounts to learn more. Being a student is hard work, we get it! Whether your moving between accommodations, travelling during break or have sports gear to store, we can help you with your space needs, allowing you to focus on those grades.
Yes, we offer a range of unit sizes from lockers, 25 sqft to 200 sqft and plenty of space for bulk storage, further units are scalable in size. Rest assured your items are secure with Right Space whether its merchandise, extra stock, excess furniture, trade show or marketing materials or documents archiving, all securely stored and conveniently located in our Al Quoz location, and easily acceptable from Sheik Zayed Road. Reserve a space now!
Yes, we offer a variety of locks available at our box shop. You can stop by any time and pick up a lock or any supplies you need.
Fair question. Everyone has their limitations and while we do a lot, we don’t do it all, we’ll be happy to give you a recommendation if we have first hand experience with a company, it’s all about being helpful.
Yes, if you would like to purchase boxes or packing supplies and pack in advance of moving, we can certainly get them delivered to you. Call us at 04 380 5655 to discuss you’re order and we’ll have it right over.
We don’t, you do! That’s right, we’re here for you and we’re all about flexibility. You choose the date and time that fits your schedule, and we’ll be there. People have busy lives and things to do, we get it.
We certainly do. We’ll do it all from bringing the materials, conducting an inventory, packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and removing any excess materials. Our team is experienced, professional and most important really helpful. We’re all about happy customers.
Yes, we keep it simple and can provide the service you need be it a turn key solution or just a part of it. Let us know and we’ll make it happen.
Absolutely, many customers opt to have us do it all, and we’ll be sure to make your moving day easy. Just give us a call on 04 380 5655 or hello@rightspaceme.com and we’ll sort it all out.
Sure do. We’re here to help; need the TV on a wall, holes patches, apartment cleaned let us know and we’ll be sure to take care of you.
We offer our packing, moving, collections and deliveries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain in the UAE.
Yup, we have that also! Our teams are equipped with carts, dolly’s, protective moving blankets, straps and a variety of other items and backed by a fleet of opened and closed trucks in multiple sizes.
Easy! Just give us a call at 04 380 5655 or hello@rightspaceme.com. Let us know what your needs are and if required we’ll do a home survey, followed by a quotation for your selected service. Then schedule a date and time of your choosing and we’ll handle the rest.
There is, customers can find all terms and conditions for our packing and moving service right here.
That’s a good one. Reserving a unit simply means we’ve allocated a unit of your chosen size for a number of days to ensure you have it for you. Renting a unit means it’s yours to move into and all paperwork is completed with payment made.
Just 1 month and you have a unit. Need longer? We can arrange that too.
Not too much; once you decide on a unit size and length of stay, we’ll need a copy of your Emirates ID or commercial license if you’re a company, we’’ sign a few forms and that’s it.
Nope, storage is more like dating than marriage. If you want month to month then we’ll make it happen.
For fast and easy reservations, simply reserve a unit online. If calling is more your thing, simply call us at 04 380 5655 or email us at hello@rightspaceme.com.
You can make online unit reservations up to 10 days in advance. If you need a reservation up to 30 days or for bulk storage, give us a call at 04 380 5655 and we’ll get it done.
You must be staying in Dubai, glad your sticking around. If you change your mind at any time, just give us a call and we’ll cancel your reservation or it will automatically expire 10 days after your scheduled move in date if we don’t hear from you.
Not a problem, just let us know your new move in date and we’ll get it updated.
Absolutely, you may occupy as many units as you need. Contact us at 04 380 5655 or hello@rightspaceme.com to discuss your needs and get a unit today.
Yes, Right Space offers customers a large degree or flexibility and month to month rentals are acceptable. We don’t lock customers into long term or inflexible contracts, we’re here to help
Of course, you can change to a larger or smaller storage unit, based on your space needs. Contact our friendly staff on site to assist you.
You can reserve a unit online, by giving us a call at 04 380 5655 or by email at hello@rightspaceme.com.
Reserving a unit is free, quick and simple to do. We don’t charge for reservations, it’s just not who we are or how we work. It’s a completely free no cost no obligation reservation.
You sure can. If your storage space needs have changed, just let us know and we’ll sort out a new unit for you.
Yes, we sell an assortment of packing supplies to include: boxes, tape, bubble wrap, foam wrap, packing paper, corrugated cardboard, box cutters, rope, cord, tape dispensers, locks and more. Our boxes are available in small, medium and large sizes.
Yes. Just check with our staff and they will point you in the right direction.
Yes there is, and it’s free of charge, dedicated just for our customers!
Yes, these are available for customers during loading and unloading of their storage unit and are free of charge.
We sure do. Our facility has an assortment of cold drinks and snacks.
Nope. You can store your items in or out of the box, it’s up to you so long as they are stored in a secure manner.
Thanks, we’re always happy to hear from customers and be recommended. We welcome you to follow us on social media and or leave a review for us. Our social media links can be found at the bottom of our website, just scroll on down. Our username is @rightspacedubai on Facebook and @rightspaceme on all other social media.
Yes, customers are welcome to arrange their items in a way that works for them, including the use of shelving.
Absolutely. Just make sure it fits our door latches and your good to go. We do however recommend a secure one made of hardened steel with a lock shackle of 8 or 9mm in diameter. If you don’t have a lock, we have some in the shop.
Glad you asked. Right Space is committed to protecting the environment and doing a small part in keeping Dubai a clean city. You can bring your boxes to our location and hand them over to our staff. Boxes must be empty and we do not accept trash or any boxes soiled with hazardous materials
Right Space Self Storage is conveniently located in the centre of Dubai in Al Quoz, just off Sheik Zayed Road. Check here for location, you can also load us on google maps, just click here for quick driving directions.
We sure do. Just check out the Security & Access section of our FAQ’s to learn all about it.
They sure are. All of our lockers and storage units are indoors and all units and common areas are a climate controlled. This is the way to go in Dubai where temperatures and heat can get extreme in the summer.
Climate controlled storage is a feature offered to maintain a temperature of approximately 18 to 25 degrees. This feature helps protect your items from the extreme temperatures of Dubai.
Of course, Right Space provides moving carts and dollies for when you move in to your storage unit and on your move-out date.
Absolutely, our units are all inside of a facility that is dust free, pest free and secure. Our storage facility also has well-lit hallways, large loading bays, ample parking a well stocked box shop and a number of other features to make your storage experience a great one. Check our Gallery and see for yourself.
We are able to accommodate anything from your personal vehicle and standard size moving trucks up to 18 wheelers. There is parking space, a large loading bay and ample space for loading and unloading.
Yup, we’re connected and so are you. Customers are provided WIFI access free of charge. Check with our staff for access information and enjoy! And while your online, check us out on Google and leave a review.
There’s a few things. Basically anything alive like plants or animals, anything hazardous like flammables and explosives, anything perishable or organic, anything illegal. Other than that we’re the Right Space. If you have any questions, please check with our team and they’ll get you the answer.

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