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Custom & Scalable Storage Solutions

Local Storage Space in Dubai Customized for You.

Local Space Customized

Have a storage need that doesn’t fit in a standard unit? Not to worry, we offer custom storage solutions that think out of the box and fit for your specific needs. Contact us with your needs and we will get you the most economical storage solution that’s a custom fit to your needs. Call and get your space today.

Bulk Storage

Some needs don’t fit a boxed in unit, for this we have dedicated bulk space available. Contact us today to learn more.

By Pallet

Need pallet space in a climate controlled warehouse with all of the benefits of a self storage facility. Then you’ve come to the right space, we can store by the pallet and more.

Flexible Terms

Have a shifting inventory? We understand that and can offer flexible terms for scaling your storage space up or down.

By the Cubic Meter

Storage by cubic meter is a great way to pay for space in Dubai. It’s an exact measurement, easily scalable and you only pay for the exact space you use.

By the Box

Only pay for the space you need and nothing more. This is a great option for those that just need storage a box or two.

Custom Solutions

If you have a need, we have a solution. We are happy to offer customized solutions like shelving, customized unit sizes, pallets and more. Call us to discuss your storage needs and learn about the benefits of storing with Right Space.