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Price Match Plus

Always the Best Price on Self Storage!

If you’ve selected Right Space but found a lower price, you can now have the best of both with the Price Match Plus promotion. Contact us and we’ll make it happen for you.


All of the Promo Details

Getting the Right Space at the Right Price.

We’ll match and then give an additional discount over competitors quotations. So if you find a space for less, simply provide the written quotation to Right Space and we’ll match the price plus give you an additional discount.

Terms of Promotion

  • Applies to first time customers only

  • Cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts

  • Subject to unit availability

  • Applies to new units and customers only

  • Not valid on quotes from removal companies

  • Applies only on like for like quotes and equal grade facilities

Discount Applies To

  • Self Storage Lockers

  • 25 sqft Self Storage Units

  • 50 sqft Self Storage Units

  • 100 sqft Self Storage Units

  • 200 sqft Self Storage Units

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