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Prestige Customer Discounts

Customers of Prestige Real Estate get 15% Discount on Our Services.

Just another way the Team at Right Space is hard at work to bring great savings to our customers Contact us today and experience our difference. We are Fast. Easy. Friendly. and dedicated to customer happiness.


All of the Promo Details

Right Space has partnered with Prestige Real Estate to offer customers an Exclusive 15% Discount on all Packing, Moving and Storage Services.

So if you are a Prestige Customer, simply have your agent send us an email or provide their name and we’ll verify you and get your services underway along with the exclusive savings.

Terms of Promotion

  • Applies to first time customers only

  • Cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts

  • Must be a Prestige Customer or Referal

  • Subject to Unit Availability

  • Applies to new units and customers only

Discount Applies To

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