7 Signs You Need Self Storage:

Renting an affordable storage unit, for a small amount each month, you could have a space to store your personal items or business stock.

Storage units are protected from burglars and thieves as well as weather, dust and pests. Units are also temperature controlled, ensuring your items are properly protected.

If you’ve been considering getting a unit, but aren’t sure whether it is time to pull the trigger, these signals are indicators you may need a unit. Keep reading to find out the 7 signs to know you need to rent more space.

  1. You Shuffle Things and Trip Over Them

If you have a lot of things in your house, it can make routine life difficult You may find yourself spending a lot of time moving around your items to clean, use space or access other items.

Doing all of that work all of the time is frustrating and time-consuming. It is a much better idea to rent a self storage unit. Then you can fill it with the items and move around your house much easier, making life a breeze.

Whether it is your child’s toys, workout equipment, or sports gear, collections, stock or clothes it can feel like you are constantly tripping over something. If this is happening to you, then it is a sign that your house is overcrowded.

  1. Your Collections or Hobbies are Taking Over the House

It may have started simply, but collections can get out of hand easily and hobby items tent to need a dedicated space. They tend to spill over into every room of the house. It can be difficult to find enough space to keep everything in your house.

But before you drive your family or roommates crazy with your collections and hobbies,  consider renting a storage locker or storage unit.

  1. Your Car Won’t Fit in the Garage

Once a home has been filled, things tend to start piling up in the garage. You may have boxes full of old decorations and sentimental items that you’re just not ready to part with.

Are you tired of not being to access or use your garage space? If your garage so much stuff, then it is time to consider a storage unit. By moving your things you will be able to get your vehicle in the garage, keeping it safe from the elements and the harsh desert sun or you can convert the garage to a home gym or a place to work on hobbies.

  1. It Takes Hours to Find Things

Can’t find things quickly? You may have too much stuff in your house. Trying to find something in a crowded house can be very stressful and time consuming.

You should not have to go through all of your belongings every time you need to find something. With an organized storage unit, you will know right where your things are when you need them most.

  1. You Feel Your House is Getting Smaller

You may feel like your house is shrinking when really you just keep filling it with more stuff. Moving some of your items to a storage locker or storage unit will help to free up space.

Then enjoy the extra space. Perhaps you can take up yoga, re-decorate or create a new space for entertaining family and friends.

  1. Expanding Family

Many people feel like they have to move to a bigger house when their family expands. But, you might be surprised how much space you already have. It can reclaimed by storing some of the things you use less often in storage.

Try storing seasonal clothing and decorations, sports equipment, archived documents or keepsakes in a unit. Then you will have space in your home for all those baby clothes and toys.

  1. You Need a Home Office

If you have started to work from home or plan to, but have not set up a dedicated space yet, you really should. By moving some items out of one room, you can turn it into a home office. That way you will be able to focus and get more work done..

Where to Rent a Storage Unit

When you decide to rent a self storage unit, you want to make sure that your stuff is being stored in a safe and proper way. With Right Space Self Storage, we offer Flat Rate. No Hidden Fee’s. No Price Change. Modern, Clean, Security Facilities. 24/7 Access, CCTV, Alarm, Climate Controlled

Right Space Self Storage is dedicated to an exceptional customer experience.  If you are looking for a storage unit in Dubai contact us today.

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Ellie Davis
Ellie Davis
3 years ago

I liked that you mentioned you can consider renting a storage unit if your collection is going a little out of hand. My husband likes to collect action figures, and we are looking for advice. I believe that a storage unit could be great to store all of those action figures that don’t fit in the house anymore.