6 Student Storage Solutions

There are lots of stresses in life, and many for a university student. From renting the perfect apartment in Dubai to registering courses for the next semester or studying for exams there’s lots to get done. Finding space for your belongings while in Dubai or traveling for breaks has never been easier with these 6 student storage solutions.

These smart student storage solutions could provide the answer you’re looking for, make life a little easier and save you some money.

Get Space with Self Storage

You may want to consider self storage nearby to your university in Dubai. Be sure to get a storage facility that is climate controlled, clean and located close by. You will also want to find a storage company that offers flexible options for short term storage, like summer holidays and for longer leases like spending a year abroad; these secure and lockable storage units provide a place for you to keep your stuff while you’re in between semesters at school.

Storage space is reasonably priced and certainly less than extending your rent for a few months. Self storage is safe, secure and lockable with a range of facility features, so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safely waiting for your return or when you need to access them.

Check for Student Discounts

The team at Right Space understands that students have a number of costs and normally aren’t working while they study. So be sure to contact our staff and let them know you are an active student; above our affordable prices, we also offer student discounts and can also provide a free van to help you move your items to the storage facility and get them loaded in your unit.

Ask Friends for Space

Not everyone will leave Dubai over the school holidays. Consider asking your friends or classmates to share some extra space with you for a month or two. They may have an empty room, wardrobe or other space where you can store your stuff short term until you return. Just be sure to pack and store your things neatly and find a way to return the favor for their kindness.

In case your classmates also need space, consider a short term storage rental together, this may help you to get the space you need and save some cash.

Extend Your Rental Contract

If your rental contract is for partial parts of the year, short term or expiring soon, consider asking your landlord to consider extending your rental contract. It may not be the cheapest storage option but it could be a better solution for you that won’t require you to move out and move back in when you return to Dubai. With all of these options you will want to communicate with the landlord early so they can plan for their property, if you do it to late your options may be more limited.

Go Minimalist

Think about if you really need all the stuff? Can you sell the books already used for a course? See what you can reduce and separate what you can travel home with, what can go and what you need to keep. Separating your packing will make it easier for moving and storage and will likely save you some money.

Once you have separated everything, it may result in you not needing storage, allow you to get a small storage space or make it possible to use one of the other options like using some temporary space at a friend’s place.

Get the Right Space

Getting the right space is key to a stress free self storage experience. Be sure to get a facility that has climate controlled, accessible, secure and lockable self storage as a minimum and look for other facility features and benefits.

Make sure you get the right size storage unit also, you want to have sufficient space but not pay for more than you need. You can view our unit size guide or reach out to our helpful and friendly team, contact us for any questions.

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