5 Must Have Features to Look for in Self Storage Facilities

Premium Security

Your item’s security should be top-of-mind for both you and your storage provider. Whether you are storing home valuables or sensitive business documents,  select a facility that safeguards your assets with the following:

  • 24-hour video surveillance. Cameras provide storage providers with enhanced visibility into who is coming and going at their facilities. Surveillance cameras also allow them to identify suspicious activity and notify necessary authorities.
  • Ample indoor and outdoor lighting. Ensure walkways and surrounding areas are well lit to ward off intruders, and protect employees and tenants in the dark.
  • Individual unit doors and locks. Security systems candispatch emergency personnel in the case of an attempted break-in.
  • Intruder Alarms. These measures limit facility access to employees and tenants, reducing theft and unwanted visitors.
  • Civil Defence. Fire measures are critical for the protection of life and property, don’t use a facility that is not up to code or does not have the proper systems in place.
  • Police Monitored. These systems ensure that the facility is truly monitored 24/7 and connected directly to the authorities in case of intendent.

Climate Controlled Units

Many items are susceptible to damage when exposed to exceptionally hot or cold temperatures and humidity. To maintain belonging integrity, look for a self-storage facility that offers climate controlled storage lockers and units. These units are kept at a moderate temperature and low humidity levels:

  • Keep wood furniture warping.
  • Prevent metal appliances from rusting.
  • Protect sensitive documents, books and other paper goods from deteriorating.
  • Safeguard memorabilia and home.
  • Create a more pleasant facility for customers in locations with extreme temperatures

 Quality Customer Service

Your provider should be available to answer your questions. Select a facility staffed with employees who are able to assist you through the storing process and is available after hours.

Furthermore, many homeowners and businesses use self storage when moving to a new location. Storage providers who offer exceptional customer service during the moving process can remove some the othe stress by providing essentials such as:

  • Discounted moving supplies, including boxes and packing materials.
  • Flexible scheduling to fit your availability.
  • Moving and transportation services and discounts.
  • No hidden service fees.

When considering possible storage options, understand your unique needs before selecting a facility. This guarantees your provider has the right amenities to satisfy them.

Great Lighting

Your provider should have great lighting. The minimum standard is LED which offers an energy efficient and radiant lighting solution. All areas of the facility should be well lit for safety and functionality. Examples are:

  • Outside facilities should be well lit for ease of locating, loading and offloading.
  • Reception, shop, and all common area’s must also be accessible by being well lit.
  • Hallways should be well lit to safely access your unit.
  • Unit lighting is essential to ensure you can see your items when visiting.

24/7 Customer Access

Your provider should be available to answer your questions. Select a facility staffed with employees who are able to assist through the storing process and access even after hours.

Modern facilities today are available via Landline, mobile, online chat, WhatsApp, email and in person visits, even after hours.

These are often overlooked matters when selecting a location, but are critical when you need assistance or access.

Clean & Modern Facilities

Self storage facilities should be clean and modern. Remember storage facilities are meant to be space extensions of your home or business, not industrial facilities.

Make sure the storage provider you choose has a clean and modern appearance that is well maintained, appearance is often a reflection of how well other, less visible processes are maintained.

Dust & Pest Free

Does your home and business have dust and pests? If not then your self storage facilities should not either. Remember, storage units are meant to be space extensions of your home or business, not just warehousing or industrial facilities.

Make sure the storage provider you choose has is well maintained and free of dust, dirt, clutter, rust or pests.

Any one of these are signs of larger problems in the facility or a breakdown is systems and processes.

Box Shop, Packing & Moving Services

Select a facility well stocked with packing supplies. These are essential for moving and storing your items safely and efficiently. Some of these items include:

  • Boxes of various sizes.
  • Several types of durable locks.
  • Tape, markers and labels.
  • Box cutters, tape dispensers and measuring tapes.
  • Protective wrapping (corrugated cardboard, foam wrap, bubble wrap, plastic shrink wrap, packing paper).

Also, select a facility that offers additional services like packing and moving. These processional movers will save you a lot of time and headache when it comes time to move items in or out of the facility. By choosing this service from your storage provider, you can often take advantage of various promotions and discounts to save time and money.

Essential Equipment

Your provider should be have essential equipment readily available for customers use and to help with the storage rental experience. Some of these items include:

  • Carts and trolley’s
  • Ladders
  • Common area’s with plenty of preparation space
  • Loading bays or large doors for access.

Flexible & Scalable Unit Sizes

Your storage provider should offer customers an overall experience and solutions that fit their needs. This comes in many forms, and the one that can positively impact customers the most and make for a workable solution is flexibility and scalability in unit sizes.

Flexibility comes in the form of shifting from a smaller to larger or larger to smaller unit, this saves customers money so they don’t get stuck paying for unit space that may not be needed.

Scalable sizes is important for customers needing a custom size storage unit, this allows them the exact space required  and nothing more.

WiFi & Cold Drinks (Not Essential Nice)

While not essential, a storage facility that offers perks like free WiFi and cold drinks can make like a little better when visiting and it demonstrates your provider is more customer focused and oriented. It’s often the small things that make a difference.

Where to Rent a Storage Unit

When you decide to rent a self storage unit, you want to make sure these features are present at your facility. A great place to start in your search is Right Space Self Storage where these features are all standard.

You also want to make sure that your stuff is being stored in a safe and proper way. With Right Space Self Storage, we offer Flat Rate. No Hidden Fee’s. No Price Change. Modern, Clean, Security Facilities. 24/7 Access, CCTV, Alarm, Climate Controlled

Right Space Self Storage is dedicated to an exceptional customer experience.  If you are looking for a storage unit in Dubai contact us today.

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